The Benefits of Timber Decking

Wooden Decking is a perfect alternative in comparison to traditional hard terraces and patios. It is a better way of extending your outdoor living space, enhancing your pool area and giving your children more safe playing space.

Timber Decking on Patio in Cape Town by STJ Joinery
ZEN style timber decking by STJJoinery
Timber decking on balcony


Give your garden and pool area unique and stylish look by installing split leveled or elevated contour decking. Even, out sloping or uneven garden areas can be perfectly covered with natural timber.


To install a deck is one of the most enchanting additions that can be made to a property. It is very flexible and gives extra social space. Ideal for a braai, playing kids, entertaining guests or just for your own pleasure and enjoyment.


ST Jones Joinery timber decks combine the natural beauty of wood with functionality and style. Extend the usage of your garden area and bring in stunning ambiance.


There are great benefits of timber decking compared to hard patios or terraces.It offers a comfortable and warm surface for walking, sitting and if you wish to lay on. Ground work preparation is minimal and it can be easily modified or extended.

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