Frequently asked questions about Loft conversions and Decking

Loft conversions, attic conversions and mezzanine floors

Will I have to move out of my home while you are building my loft?

Most of the time you will not have to move out as we access the loft from the roof.The only time we will need to be inside your home is to install the stairways, which is towards the end of the project.  Our very trustworthy staff will make sure all installations inside your home are done as quickly as possible and with minimal disturbance and disruption to you.

How long does it take to build a loft?

This depends entirely on the size of your project (e.g. loft size and finishes such as bathrooms and flooring) but generally it takes 6-8 weeks. We will discuss this with you before we start your project and make sure we keep within the timeline anticipated. With our extensive expertise in project management we will strive to the best of our ability to finish your project on time and on budget

Is a loft cheaper than conventional building? Where do I save money?

Yes it is, you are saving money due to the shortened construction period, as opposed to conventional building. Time is money. 

Do I need an architect, engineer, plumber or electrician for my loft conversion?

Yes, most of the time you will require all of the above professionals for a loft. During construction the architect and engineer will conduct onsite inspections to ensure construction is taking place on time, according to plans and within building regulations. On completion all relevant certificates will be handed over to you, including an occupancy certificate from the local building inspector. For all other work you generally do not need a plan.

Do you offer a Turn-Key project?

Yes we do. We have been working closely with a selection of professionals and sub-contractors over the years and have developed excellent relationships with them. This allows us to put together an experienced team to execute the whole project for you. This way you are assured the project runs smoothly and with minimal stress.

Do I need municipal plans for a loft and do I need to arrange this myself?

Yes, you will need plans drawn up by an architect in order to comply with building and municipality laws in your area. Our team can assist you in this regard.

Do I need my neighbours consent for a loft?

Yes, your neighbours consent has to be obtained if you build a structure outside the building boundaries, but generally (even if you are well within your rights) it is a polite way of staying friendly with your neighbours. The consent form is an official document and we will assist you with this.

How long does it take for my plans to be granted?

It depends on the municipality, but generally they are approved between 8-12 weeks from date of submission.

Will I have sufficient space in my roof?

You need a roof height of at least 2.4m to build a loft. If your present roof is too low, our professional team can help you with a loft design that will work for you.

Who will provide the staircase to the loft?

We have been building exceptional staircases of various designs for 30 years. A standard staircase will be included in your quote. We will discuss this in our initial meeting with you.

Will I receive any guarantees/warranties from STJ Joinery in regards to the construction?

All our work is signed off by a qualified structural engineer so we do offer structural guarantees. All our work complies with the National Building Regulations

How much experience has STJ JOINERY in building lofts?

The owner Steve Jones, a qualified project manager has been working in timber construction field since 1987 (catering for the construction-, furniture- and private sector) and has obtained extensive experience and knowledge from both working in the USA and New Zealand.

Can I see any work done by STJ JOINERY?

We are more than happy to give you previous clients telephone numbers and you can arrange a visiting time with them. You are also welcome to follow our postings on Facebook or visit our gallery for projects done in the past.

Is STJ JOINERY insured should anything happen on site during the building process?

Yes, we are insured in the event that we damage any household item or part of your property.

How do you handle complaints and concerns?

Our client relationship before, during and after the project is of highest importance to us and we believe firmly that with good, effective communication, problems can be solved quickly and to everyone’s satisfaction. Any concerns should be raised immediately with the owner, or supervisor on site. Our mission is to provide you with the best possible client experience and total satisfaction throughout.

Should I read the T’s & C’s?

It is vital that you do read the T’s & C’s. There is important information which you need to know and understand before we start working on your project. We strive to satisfy our customers on all levels throughout the project. Your involvement is key to total satisfaction. Knowing  your responsibilities and rights, as well as ours, will greatly support this aim.

Do I have any rights and responsibilities as the customer?

Yes, every client has rights and responsibilities, such as reading the T’s & C’s, supplying sanitary ware, tiles on time etc, before we start the project. The T’s & C’s will also give you vital information on your rights and responsibilities.

Are there any hidden costs?

No, once we have discussed the quote with you, and you have read the T’s & C’s, you will know the exact costs. Any extras requested over and above the initial contract will carry extra costs.