Eight really good reasons to convert your attic into a beautiful living space in 2020

loft converted to be used as living room
Loft used as media room
Loft converted into bedroom
Office and bedroom loft

The main reason for a loft conversion is:
You are creating living spaces

Loft conversions are the perfect way to add value, space and character. There are great benefits in turning an old attic into trendy loft space. Most people use an attic simply as a place for storage and sometimes it is not even used for that. With increasing costs of housing in South Africa, many joiners and carpenters have started to offer converting unused attics into useful and habitable lofts. Following are good reasons why you should think about changing idle roof space into new living quarters.

Reason No 1 – Increase of property value.

Converted lofts increase the retail value of a property. A new loft can boost the value of a home remarkably. The cost of living in metropolitan areas is growing, owners are looking for new ways to renovate and rebuild existing housing to be able to accommodate more tenants. A loft is the perfect way to capitalize on this.

Reason No 2 – Affordability.

Lofts are more affordable than new homes. It’s possible to renovate an existing attic for the fraction of the cost of a new home. All the base structures needed are already available. It’s usually pretty simple integrate wiring and plumbing into a new loft.

Reason No 3 – Create an income. 

A converted attic can be rented out as a loft apartment. Renting a loft can provide an additional income source for homeowners. An external entrance will  make sure your privacy is assured. Or the loft can be used perfectly for your visitors.

Reason No 4 – Energy efficiency. 

An insulated loft will keep the warmth in Winter and the coolness in summer. With the drastically increased energy costs in South Africa the savings can be significant.

Reason No 5 – Views. 

Very often lofts are offering stunning new views. They are considerably higher up and you might be surprised about the new world that opens up looking out of your loft windows.

Reason No 6 – Low Maintenance costs.

Since a loft is built within the existing infrastructure of a home and therefore maintenance costs are minimal. Of course costs are depending on the features you have installed in your loft.

Reason No 7 – It’s easy. 

The space is already there, there is no need to add anything to the existing building. Electrical installation and plumbing are important tasks to focus on.

Reason No 8 – It’s quick.

The time frame for converting a loft is very small depending on the size of the project and the features going in.

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